Who’s hibernating?

It’s hard to believe fall is upon us and winter is fast approaching. While some of our animals enjoy heated houses in the cooler weather, others go into hibernation. Which animals hibernate?

Desert Tortoises. Crash, Tripod, Patches, and Jordie stay in their burrows until spring time. They started slowing down a few weeks ago and are now in full hibernation mode.

Russian tortoises. Buddy and Mr. Lucky dig down and cover themselves with dirt. We keep an eye on them as they slow down and make note where they have buried themselves for the season. If we have to do any enclosure maintenance we want to make sure not to disturb them.

Box turtles. Our desert box turtle Jalapeño and Eastern Box Turtle Chipotle also go underground for the winter. They are still popping up from time to time, but have definitely slowed down for the season. We are expecting cold weather this week and they will probably go into hibernation.

Who doesn’t hibernate? The sulcatas, leopard tortoise, and red eared sliders. We provide heated houses for our tortoises that don’t hibernate. We also heat the turtle ponds during the winter to prevent them from getting too cold.

Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day!  🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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