Welcoming Sly

This week we welcomed another creature into our animal family. Mr. Zoo came home from work one day and announced, “We’re getting a chameleon.” An employee knew a family with a child who had lost interest in this beautiful little lizard and asked if Mr. Zoo would consider taking him off their hands.

Over the years we’ve noticed a pattern with some of our rescues. People buy animals for their children or themselves because they are “cute” or “neat looking.” Maybe they saw them online or on TV and they run out and buy whatever creature has caught their eye without doing any research. More often than not a few minutes of research would prevent people from buying pets ill-suited to their lifestyles. In Sly’s case the owner was squeamish about feeding live insects and the level of care required on a day to day basis.

Sly, named by Mr. Zoo for his slinky movements, was dropped off at his work with his tank and supplies. The owner had done relatively well with appropriate lighting and tank size. However the small amount of plastic plants weren’t sufficient, see top left of photo. We also learned the owner was a heavy smoker. The light fixture, light bulbs, tank, and its contents stunk like an ashtray that hadn’t been emptied for years.

After we got him home Mr. Zoo attempted to clean the tank and its contents. No amount of scrubbing could get rid of the smell. Everything in the tank was thrown away and new bulbs were purchased. We added clean substrate and live plants for climbing and hiding, see top right and bottom two pictures. The plants have to be sprayed down several times a day so Sly can drink the water off the leaves.

We recently purchased a taller cage off Craigslist. This cage will also need a good cleaning. Sly is only about eight inches long so his current tank will do until we have time to get the new cage cleaned and set up with lots of live plants.

Thank you to our readers who leave comments! Sometimes it takes a few days to answer as there is always so much going on.

Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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