Welcoming Scooter! Building an enclosure and burrow

This week we welcomed Scooter the desert tortoise to our animal family. Scooter came to us from a loving home whose owners had to move to a colder climate and could not take him with them.

To make room for Scooter we divided Tripod’s large enclosure. Tripod always preferred a particular area of his enclosure so the space we chose for Scooter won’t be missed.

Mr. Zoo started by trenching to build a concrete dividing wall. The concrete blocks were set into the trench and secured with rebar and Quikrete. For the burrow, he dug down a bit and put that dirt inside a couple of big empty bags of chicken feed. He used the dirt-filled bags as a form and set them into the new hole. He then covered the bags with wire and formed a top using the Quikrete. Once it was dry, the supporting bags were removed and the concrete portion was covered with dirt to keep it cool and camouflaged.

Scooter loves the new space. Scooter, who we think might be a girl, enjoys walking around the enclosure, eating fresh greens, and grabbing a soak in her soaking tray. Thanks for reading and have a happy animal-filled day!

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