Tripod was first brought to our attention by our Instagram friends @tuckerthehedgieandpals (and again later by family and friends). @tuckerthehedgieandpals saw Tripod’s story on the Arizona Game and Fish Facebook page. Tripod became a bit of a local celebrity and was featured on several news stations and in the newspaper. Tripod may be close to 50 years old! He survived an attack by his previous owner’s dog. After spending time recovering at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Wildlife Center, he was ready for adoption.

We contacted game and fish and were surprised he hadn’t been snatched up! It was time for a trip to the hardware store for supplies. We built an enclosure, complete with burrow and tortoise edible plants, filled out the application with pictures of his new home, and were approved for adoption!

Tripod has been doing great since joining our animal family. He loves his enclosure and enjoys eating all the desert plants we planted for his arrival. We filled his space with soft dirt to keep him more comfortable and lessen the wear and tear on the bottom of his shell where his leg is missing. We’re so happy to have Tripod as part of our family!

Tripod on TV!

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