Thor came to us in August 2016 from Craigslist. His previous owner was moving and could not take him along. He was thin and had been living in a small tank usually used for spiders. His tank was filled with sand and tiles; not the optimum living conditions. He was very lethargic and his colors were muted.

We immediately got him in a large tank with eco-earth bedding. We provided him with a warm dry side and a moist cool side. We put in a large stick for climbing, a big hammock, a water bowl, and plastic plants to add to the environment. We provided a heat lamp and reptile heating pad stuck to the side of the tank. We kept his purple wooden house and at first that is where he stayed.

Over the first few days he was very shy. As he became used to his new environment he started climbing on the stick and hammock. He was very hungry and happily munched on mealworms and crickets. Since being in our care he has gained size and is now able to eat roaches.

His color greatly improved over the next few months. Each time he shed his colors became more brilliant. He started coming out for food and became used to being handled. Now he’s well settled into his home and enjoys sleeping during the day and coming out at night to hunt. He’ll eat insects out of tongs and also enjoys chasing them around his tank. We’re so happy to have welcomed Thor into our family.