Daisy was adopted by Mrs. Zoo in November of 2010 from a now closed rescue organization. Daisy was a puppy mill dog and taken in by the rescue along with her mate and one of her puppies. She was malnourished and had led a rough life. Her puppy had already been adopted and her mate was in behavioral modification training when the rescue put Daisy up for adoption. Mrs. Zoo met Daisy at one of their adoption events outside a Petco. Daisy was a bit shy at the event, as soon as she was in her new home she ran all over and happily played with her new squeaky toys. Daisy has become very laid back and has been great as each new dog was added to our family.

Jacquelyn was adopted by Mrs. and Mr. Zoo in December of 2016. Mrs. Zoo saw Jacquelyn’s photo on the Arizona Humane Society website and new she needed to be a part of the family. Mrs. Zoo and Daisy headed to the shelter to meet Jacquelyn while Mr. Zoo was at work. Jacquelyn wouldn’t come out of the corner of the meet and greet room. Jacquelyn was owner surrendered and part of a hoarding situation with multiple animals. Mrs. Zoo took a chance and brought her home. For the first few days Jacquelyn hid in her crate. It also took almost a year to get her comfortable on a leash. Jacquelyn has settled in nicely and is still improving. She loves to eat and play with her big pink bunny.

Rosie joined the family January of 2017. Mrs. Zoo saw Rosie’s picture on Craigslist. She needed to be rehomed because the owner was moving and could not take Rosie along. This rescue took a few days to coordinate. Mrs. and Mr. Zoo, Daisy, and Jacquelyn met Rosie, her owner, and her owner’s son at the vet’s office. Rosie hadn’t been fixed or vaccinated and needed to be checked for health issues before bringing her home. Rosie had allergy issues and a skin infection in addition to needing all of her vaccines. Everything was taken care of at the vet and a spay appointment was set. She drove home with Mr. Zoo in his truck and has been glued to his side ever since. She is definitely a Daddy’s Girl.

Libby joined our family in February of 2017. Mrs. Zoo was contacted by a family friend who runs a dog sitting business. Someone had dumped a box of puppies in their neighborhood. After a few weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find the owner some of the area residents took in the puppies. Libby would need a new home because the family friend had so many dogs in the house from her dog sitting business she did not have time for a puppy. We had her bring Libby to our house and everyone got along so we were able to welcome her into our family. They had been calling her Little Bit. We started calling her LB which sounded like Libby and it stuck. She is a ball of energy and loves playing with all our other dogs.

There are so many unwanted dogs waiting for new homes. Rescue, shelter, or stray they will be forever grateful to whoever gives them a forever home. It can take time and patience but it’s definitely worth it for both dog and owner. Adopt don’t shop and rescue!