The last to hibernate

During the fall all of our tortoises and turtles start to slow down. Even though we keep some inside, they are sensitive to the change in seasons and less hours of daylight.

Which tortoises and turtles hibernate? When the weather cools, our desert tortoises Crash, Tripod, and Patches are the first to slow down. All three are now safely in their burrows hibernating. We will not see them again until spring.

Buddy and Mr. Lucky, our two Russian tortoises, also hibernate during the winter. They tend to stay out a bit longer than the desert tortoises, but as of a week or two ago they stopped coming out during the day. These two will come out of hibernation a bit earlier than the desert tortoises.

Jalapeno, pictured above, is a desert box turtle. He’s the last holdout of our outdoor hibernators. He still comes out during the day and likes to snuggle against the concrete wall of his enclosure. The blocks get warmed by the Sun and he snuggles next to them and snoozes away the day.  Our nights are starting to get pretty cold, so we expect him to enter full hibernation any day now.

If you’ve been following the blogs and our Instagram you know the sulcatas have heated houses for the winter. They don’t hibernate, but they do slow down and eat less.

Hibernation is a great time for us to catch up on enclosure maintenance. It’s hard not seeing all of their smiling faces each day, but come spring they’ll be up and about once again. Thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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