The home stretch

This past week we’ve been working hard in the backyard. If you’ve been following the blog you know we’ve already built two enclosures for Myrtle and Yertle. We now have three more spaces nearing completion.

Tripod’s space is priority number one this weekend now that he’s out of hibernation. This space is much larger than his current location and has lots of great desert plants. Mr. Zoo worked hard building Tripod’s new burrow. The burrow is supported by concrete block on the sides then rebar was added across the top and secured into place with industrial glue, think of beams or ceiling joists, next concrete backer board was laid across the rebar beams and the burrow was covered in dirt. Mr. Zoo also made sure to build the burrow on a high spot and grade the opening for drainage. During monsoon season we get heavy rains so we need to make sure Tripod’s burrow doesn’t get flooded. The last steps are adding the border around the wire fencing and cleaning out a few dead plants.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup the red eared sliders are just about done hanging out in the big blue tub. We got their area fenced and added a pre-fab pond. Mr. Zoo added a bit of astroturf outside of the pond to provide a cool basking area. The enclosure allows them plenty of space to roam and sit in the sun. We have one more pond form on hand if needed.

Our five sulcatas are going to be moving up in the world into their new sulcata space. Mr. Zoo dug out an area near the back and added sod which we then covered with tortoise grass seeds. We also have a few new plants to set into place. This area is a great deal larger than their current space. Once they’ve moved into their new space we’ll be cleaning up their old space to serve as a new home for Patches the desert tortoise.

We’re working hard to get all our projects complete before summer. It’s no fun working outside in triple digit temperatures! As always thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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