The dog couch

Even before COVID, I’ve worked at home. In my office behind me is what has become known as the dog couch. I often post fun pictures of the dogs, aka my support staff, on the couch in my Instagram stories.

We have four dogs, three chihuahuas and a chiweenie. Three of the dogs are partial to me, one is insanely loyal to Mr. Zoo. During the workday Daisy, Libby, and Jacquelyn prefer to hang out with me in the office. Rosie, Mr. Zoo’s loyal steed, likes to sit in the dog beds in the hall that have a view of the front door so she can see him the minute he comes home.

To keep the couch comfortable and clean I got a cute couch cover a few years ago at a home store. It’s a bit big, but it’s washable and covers the couch. Toss on a few fluffy blankets and my support staff is happily napping through the work day. Some days I wish I could join them.

Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! : ) Mrs. Zoo

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