The arrival of Yertle

We were finally able to bring Yertle home last weekend. If you’ve been following us on Instagram you know some of the story. Yertle is the brother of Myrtle who joined our family a few weeks ago. Their owners are selling their home and retiring to Mexico and wanted to make sure these gentle giants found a good home.

We had a few cold weeks this winter and Yertle didn’t want to come out of his burrow. These tortoises do not hibernate and need a warm place to stay during the winter. Because they did not have a heated shelter they burrowed to try and stay warm. They dug a twenty foot long tunnel that forked out in two directions. The family finally decided to dig for Yertle. Once he was located they started pounding the ground to encourage him to come out. It took some time but it worked and they notified us as soon as he was out.

We had left them a giant tote when we picked up Myrtle. As soon as we arrived Yertle was lifted into the tote and loaded into our car. The top left photo shows two people are needed to carry this heavy tortoise. The bottom left photo shows Yertle on the car ride home.

Once home we placed him with Myrtle as the owners stated they lived together with no problems. That lasted about ten minutes. In typical tortoise fashion Yertle would not leave Myrtle alone so we pulled him out and set him in our large tortoise box while we built another enclosure. It was a race to the finish but we managed to complete his enclosure including a heated house just as the sun disappeared behind the horizon.

Myrtle and Yertle are now happily residing in their own enclosures complete with heated housing. Thanks to all our great blog subscribers and Instagram followers! As always thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo