Loving that Sun

Even in the hundred plus degree heat Daisy likes to sit outside and bake. Every time we go out for a potty break she does not want to come back inside. When it’s really hot (well over a hundred) she gets scooped up and carried back into the house.

The past few days we’ve gotten some cooler weather. It’s been in the 90’s with a nice breeze. Daisy loves to sit outside, nose up, eyes closed, sniffing all the fabulous smells. With the “cooler” weather it’s nice to be able to let her stay out a bit longer and soak up the sunshine.

We always have to keep an eye out for snakes, scorpions, and other nasty desert critters. She loves her time outside, but safety always comes first. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying some cooler weather. Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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