Our five sulcata tortoises Max, Sheldon, Hulk, Adventura, and Miss Mikey came to us from a very loving family on December 20, 2015. A friend of Mrs. Zoo’s contacted her about a close friend who had a large family with five “box turtles” needing a new home. The family had purchased the tortoises as hatchlings a year ago and were told at that time they were box turtles.

Mr. and Mrs. Zoo met this incredible family who had so much on their plate. Each of their children had named their own “turtle.” They were sad to see them go, but understood why they had to leave. They had a wonderful large box in the garage, uv and heat lamps, reptile vitamins and calcium.

When Mr. and Mrs. Zoo got there and looked in the big box they knew they weren’t box turtles, but still took them home. Each of the children said goodbye to their “turtle” and helped load everything into the car. The wooden box home was so large it barely fit inside the back of Mr. Zoo’s station wagon.

For several months the tortoises lived in the Zoo’s house inside their giant box. It was easy to see (and smell) they would soon outgrow this box and need an outdoor enclosure.  The Zoo’s hired some help to move a lot of rock out of the way and put up solid fencing. The tortoises love their outdoor space which is complete with heated houses for the winter. We’re so happy to have been able to welcome these tortoises into our animal family.