Sprinkles and Gumdrops, the lady mice

The lady mice joined our animal family several months ago. They don’t sit still for photos and I often post them eating seeds in my Instagram stories. Giving even the smallest animal a happy life is part of what we do at the Zoo household.

These two cuties were destined for sale as snake food. Yes, snakes have to eat and we can’t save them all but we can save some. Sprinkles loves to climb her cage to accept treats then eat while hanging by her feet. Gumdrop prefers taking her treat and sitting on her upper deck.

It only took them a few days to figure out we’re suckers for a furry face and can’t help giving them a seed treat when we pass their cage. They greet us in the morning and later at dinner time eager to accept a treat. At night they like to run in their wheels. We’re so happy to have these two cuties as part of our animal family.

If you have any questions about our animals email us at azfamilyzoo@gmail.com, or find us on Instagram @azfamilyzoo, and Mrs. Zoo @mrs_azfamilyzoo. Thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day. 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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