Mr. Zoo’s new friend, a desert spiny lizard

Mr. Zoo takes care of our outside animals in the morning. One of his stops is Jalapeno’s enclosure. Jalapeno, the desert box turtle, loves his mealworms. Lately Mr. Zoo has noticed after he fills Jalapeno’s bowl with worms a little lizard pops by to steal a snack. With record heat and little rain this summer, it’s no surprise this resourceful lizard found himself an alternative source of food.

Mr. Zoo has kept an eye out for our reptilian friend during his morning rounds. Slowly but surely over the weeks the desert spiny lizard has gotten used to Mr. Zoo and his morning routine. This week he took a few worms right out of Mr. Zoo’s hand. True to his wild roots the lizard also took a nip of Mr. Zoo’s fingers.

We have no doubt as the weather improves our little lizard friend will move on in search of a mate. Until then we’ll enjoy watching him sneak off with a morning worm.

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