More winter preparations

Continuing with our winter preparations, we’ve made some improvements to the tortoise houses. Both Myrtle and the sulcata squad have big wooden dog houses with a large front opening.

For the past few winters we have used beach towels or old bedspreads to cover the openings to keep it warm inside. These coverings worked fairly well, but whenever it rained, they needed to be removed, washed, and dried. This year we decided to find a better solution.

We ordered an extra large, extra wide, extra thick yoga mat off of Amazon. Mr. Zoo measured each opening, cut the mat to size, cut strips for easy access, then used a board to secure the mat into place. This will also make it easy to remove the mat come warmer weather.

The mat is big enough to provide coverage for both wooden dog houses, and the smaller plastic dog houses in Yertle’s and Mikey’s enclosures. Since those houses are plastic, we have to find a different way to attach the mats.

For now the smaller houses are doing okay with giant beach towels to cover the openings. Hopefully this weekend we will figure something out and get the new weather friendly mats attached. Thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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