Boss Hogg, Winter @baxterthepiggy@rocki.the.rockstar & @bhappyalice are at the Mile High Inn in Jerome. Built in 1899, originally known as the Clinksdale building, this structure served various purposes, including Madam Jennie Bauters Bordello. Our ghost hunters rented all eight rooms for the evening.

After checking in & setting up their equipment they immediately spot a ghostly cat. He walks in & out of the rooms leaving kitty footprints on the beds. Our group wanders the darkened halls and spots the ghost of the former madam of the brothel, & two male ghosts, an elderly gentleman & a younger man. They seem not to notice our group & float throughout the inn minding their own business.

All seems calm until doors start opening and closing. The animals check their rooms & find furniture has been rearranged. Cushions are tossed, chairs are on top of beds, & lamps have been knocked to the floor. As they clean up the mess a cold wind blows through the rooms sending a chill up everyone’s spine. They decide they can clean tomorrow & head to the kitchen for a snack.

They set up plates & utensils & raid the refrigerator. A clattering sound is heard; our animals turn around to see everything rise off the table & fly in all directions. Everyone takes cover & watches as the plates and utensils spin in circles then crash into the walls and floors. An icy wind blows through the kitchen and the three spirits from before float in through the door. They see the mess and point at our brave ghost hunters. Boss Hogg, Winter @baxterthepiggy@rocki.the.rockstar and @bhappyaliceexplain it wasn’t them, they didn’t do it, they just wanted a snack. “A snack sounds lovely,” says the female spirit, “let’s have tea & cakes.” As the ghosts disappear into the butler’s pantry our group makes a hasty exit out the kitchen door. Thankfully the ghost mobile is filled with snacks.