Let’s talk Chickens!

In April we welcomed three beautiful hens into our animal family. We’ve talked about owning chickens for years but it never seemed to be the right time. With everyone staying at home due to precautions over the coronavirus, it became difficult to find eggs in the grocery stores. We reached out to Mr. Zoo’s sister who has experience raising chicks and caring for chickens. Her chickens passed away a few years back and she was ready to get more chickens.

She began the search for chickens which became difficult because everyone at home also decided they were going to get chickens so they would have fresh eggs. Eventually she found a man who owned a farm and had chickens for sale. She picked out five for herself and three for us. By that time we were ready for their arrival.

Our enclosure and chicken run were built, the chicken coop was assembled, we had proper feeding and watering stations at the ready and we set up our cooler for warmer weather.

The hens were skittish when they first arrived. Mr. Zoo spent a lot of time with them each day and now they come out to greet you and let you pet them. It took a few weeks to start getting eggs. We now get between 5 and 6 eggs a week.

We’ve named our chickens Ruby, Opal, and Pearl. We tell them apart by their beaks and personality. If you have any questions about our chickens were any of our animals please email us at azfamilyzoo@gmail. Thank you so much for reading our blog and have a fabulous animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo