Keeping Cool with Hulk the Sulcata

It’s been a busy summer so it’s been a while since the last blog. If you follow us on Instagram @azfamilyzoo you’ve seen the crazy monsoon rains and more than a few posts about the long hot summer. The triple-digit temperatures are still the norm and we’ve had a very humid summer thanks to the long monsoon rains. Keeping everyone cool and comfortable is always a challenge.

Pictured is Hulk, one of our sulcate tortoises, enjoying a soak in a kiddie pool. All of our outdoor animals have pools or soaking trays to help them stay hydrated and comfortable. Each morning Mr. Zoo cleans and fills the water trays and pools. During the day I keep an eye on the water and change it out if it becomes too warm. During extreme temperatures, we add ice or ice packs to keep the water comfortable.

As we move into fall, we’re looking forward to cooler weather for us and our critters. Thank you to everyone who follows us on Instagram @azfamilyzoo and my Instagram Thanks for reading and have a happy animal-filled day!

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