Boss Hogg, Winter, @sprisco23 @iamjaws @coopercalayanand @katesfurlove are in Jerome to visit the famous Jerome Grand Hotel. Built in 1926, the building first served as the United Verde Hospital. The hospital closed in 1950 when mining operations ceased. The building sat empty for 44 years until it was renovated into the Jerome Grand Hotel in 1997.

Our group has set up their ghost hunting equipment in several places throughout the hotel. As it gets dark everyone starts to hear strange noises; labored breathing, coughing, and the sounds of a hospital fill the air. Lights begin to turn on and off in empty rooms. A female spirit appears dressed in an old style nursing uniform complete with hat and carrying a clipboard. She floats by and looks at each animal in turn, checks something off on her clipboard and continues down the hall. As she disappears another female spirit appears. She is dressed in a long nightgown and crying. She floats by our group sobbing and moaning about her baby. She doesn’t notice the animals and continues to cry as she floats down the stairs.

Our ghost hunters follow her down the stairs and more sounds fill the air. They hear screaming, crying, footsteps and watch as several doors open and close on their own accord. As they reach the bar area they see the spirit of a small child. His form is blurry and leaves a trail of smoke as he runs around the tables and chairs. The lights flicker on and off throughout the hotel. Piercing screams begin to fill the air and our brave animal friends head towards the lobby. They walk outside into the parking lot and turn back to stare at the hotel. They watch as lights turn on and off and shadows move in front of the windows. Boss Hogg, Winter, @sprisco23 @iamjaws@coopercalayan and @katesfurlove decide it’s a lovely night; perhaps they’ll go camping and tell ghost stories instead of living them. Time to go roast some marshmallows!