How azfamilyzoo got started

This week’s blog question comes from our fabulous follower @tuna.wins. Winston over @tuna.wins wants to know how we got started.

When Mr. and Mrs. Zoo met, each of them had a dog and Mr. Zoo had a turtle, see the photo above. Mrs. Zoo’s dog was very old and passed away not too long after they met. Before getting another dog Mrs. Zoo got a hamster.

On a trip to the pet store for supplies, Mr. Zoo spotted some turtles up for adoption. The pet store also took in owner surrender hamsters and small animals. Over the course of several months one turtle turned to four, and one hamster turned to nine. Mrs. Zoo also adopted another dog.

When the Zoo’s moved, one of Mrs. Zoo’s friends called her because she had a friend in desperate need of rehoming their tortoises. With room in the house and room in the yard, the Zoo’s brought home five sulcata tortoises.

Mrs. Zoo started her Instagram about that time and since then people have reached out through Instagram, word-of-mouth and shelter contacts when searching for a place to re-home a pet. The Zoo’s also keep an eye on local shelters and rescues and pitch in whenever they can to take in an animal.

All of our animals become part of our family and do not get adopted out. As long as we are able and an animal fits well into our family we will help out when we can. We’ll feature more questions from our Instagram pals in blogs to come. If you have a question for us please comment below, DM us on Instagram @azfamilzoo, or email us at Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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