Boss Hogg, Winter, @tuna.wins @shelbygreyhoundlab@beckss_king and @butterball_the_5star_mutt  are in Flagstaff to visit the Hotel Monte Vista. Opened on New Year’s Day 1927, this historic hotel has been fully restored and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. After checking in, everyone meets up in Boss Hogg and Winter’s room formulate a plan.

They hear a knock on the door, open the door and no one is there. This happens several times. The group decides to scout out the hallway and catch the mystery knocker. Everyone takes a hiding spot and sure enough, a ghost appears. It’s the famous bellboy ghost. He goes up and down the hall knocking on doors then disappears. After he is gone a female ghost appears in one of the doorways. She sees the animals and asks, “Have you seen the bellboy? I need my luggage.” She floats down the hall and disappears through the wall at the end.

All is quiet for a while, then our ghost hunters hear someone coughing and clearing their throat. They follow the sound, but it seems to move with them. They head down to the lounge and the sound disappears. They enter the lounge and notice a ghostly figure on one of the stools by the bar. He slowly turns to face the group. He’s wearing a cowboy hat, has a bandana covering his face, and a gun stuck in his belt. He starts to laugh and holds his hands high in the air. In each hand is a big sack of money. “I got it all,” he exclaims, “I robbed that bank! Next round is on me!” He laughs once more than disappears.

The bartender suddenly pops up from behind the bar. “I hate it when he does that,” he says to the group, “scares away my customers. What can I get for you?” Everyone laughs and pulls up a stool and orders a frosty cold root beer. They spend the rest of the evening chatting with the bartender about all the ghosts they’ve seen.