Happy Labor Day!

Let’s celebrate by taking a nap! Notice anything about the dogs?

All the dogs are sleeping on the same side. A quick internet search finds all sorts of articles about dogs and their sleeping position. Some articles talk about the influence of earth’s magnet field, why they all face the same direction; other articles attribute personality traits to different sleeping positions. Just for fun, here are a few things I found.

Sleeping curled in a ball – This position keeps a dog extra warm and protects its vital organs. Dogs that sleep in this manner are gentle and easy-going with a sweet temperament. This position keeps the legs in close, so there may be less leg twitching during sleep.

Sleeping on their side – This position shows a dog is comfortable and secure in their surroundings and has a deep sense of trust in you. Side sleepers are loyal and happy go-lucky. This position allows the legs to move more freely during sleep.

There are other sleeping positions such as on the tummy, on the back, crazy legs up in the air. Next time you catch your dog napping, search the internet and see what their sleeping position reveals. Here’s hoping we all have the chance to nap today. Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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