Boss Hogg, Winter, @todd_the_chion @junostar09@chequeoutcash and @3.little.rescals are spending the night in Jerome, one of Arizona’s most haunted locations. They’ve checked into the Ghost City Inn and are busy setting up their ghost hunting equipment. Built in 1890, this building has been served as a boarding house, funeral home, art gallery, and religious retreat before undergoing a major renovation to become the Ghost City Inn. This Inn has been featured on the Travel Channels Ghost Adventures.

Our fearless group has set up camp outside the Cleopatra Hill room. After sitting for what seemed an eternity, the door creeks open and a female spirit pokes her head out of the room. “You’re not room service,” she says staring at the animals. She sighs and slams the door. At the same time the door to the Verde View Room opens and a male spirit floats out of the room and makes his way down the hall coming to a stop just in front of our brave animals. He stares at the group and begins to laugh. He has a low menacing laugh that becomes louder and louder. He suddenly stops then jumps at the animals and shouts “Boo!” Everyone is caught off guard and runs away down the hall.

As they run they hear the male spirit laughing behind them, doors opening and slamming shut by themselves and several spectral voices floating above their heads. Boss Hogg, Winter, @todd_the_chion@junostar09 @chequeoutcash and @3.little.rescals run out the front door into the night air. Everyone takes a few moments to calm down. They re-enter the hotel, turn on all the lights, and collect their ghost hunting equipment. They’ve seen, and heard, enough ghosts for one night! It’s time to grab a pizza.