Boss Hogg and Winter are traveling north with @tuckerthehedgieandpals@threeamigodogs99 Wicket, Hayden, and Aurora, @hattiemc.teddydog and Nacho of @scottw375. Today our band of ghost hunters is at the El Tovar Hotel on the rim of Grand Canyon. This hotel opened in 1905 and was built by the Fred Harvey Company. Mr. Harvey’s ghost is said to haunt the property.

After enjoying the sunset over the Grand Canyon, our group of travelers return to the ghost mobile for their bags and ghost hunting equipment. On their way to check in, they stop to view the famed headstone in the parking lot. This headstone is believed to belong to one of the Harvey girls, descendants of Fred Harvey, the hotel builder. After a few group selfies, they cross the parking lot and head to the hotel. As they walk along the pathway they see the spirit of a black caped figure. It crosses the headstone in the parking lot and disappears behind the Hopi House (a National Historic Landmark). Everyone is excited at the first sighting!

They check in at the front desk, have the bellman take up their bags, then head for a meal in the hotel restaurant. By the time everyone is finished, two rounds of dessert for this group, the restaurant is closing, and the hotel has gone quiet. As our group heads upstairs they are greeted by a well-dressed ghostly gentleman. “Good evening friends,” he says, “Please make sure to come to our Christmas gathering downstairs. See you soon.” The figure bows then vanishes into thin air. Having done their research, everyone knows this was the ghost of Fred Harvey. What an honor to have met him! @tuckerthehedgieandpals@threeamigodogs99 Wicket, Hayden, and Aurora, @hattiemc.teddydog , Nacho of @scottw375 , Boss Hogg and Winter decide to relax in the spacious lobby. Maybe more ghosts will come out during the night.