Dog Treats, what are the favorites?

Last week we posed a question in our Instagram stories asking our followers what they would like to know about our family of animals. Our first question comes from Instagram friend @nabi__lovee who wants to know, what are the dog’s favorite treats?

In the picture above Mr. Zoo is passing out one of their favorite treats, grilled chicken. The ladies have learned the best way to get a treat is to be patient and wait their turn. Then each of them is assured a tasty morsel.

The dogs also enjoy Charlie Bear treats from Trader Joe’s, Quiet Moments melatonin treats by NaturVet at bedtime, and their latest favorite is homemade pupcakes, link below. I bake the pupcakes in a mini muffin pan. Our dogs are small and one mini pupcake is enough for all four. We’d love to know some of your favorite treats! Comment below to join in the conversation.

Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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