Dog stairs

We’ve got four tiny dogs in our house, three of which now qualify for senior status. Little Libby, our youngest and smallest pup, always wanted to be next to her dog sisters and couldn’t quite make the leap to the couch. We realized she wasn’t going to get much bigger so we started looking at dog stairs and ramps.

The dogs like to sit on the couch with us by the TV, on what I call the dog couch in my office, and of course up on the bed while I write my blogs, work on the etsy shop, and catch up on our Instagram. From a practical standpoint ramps didn’t seem the best solution. They would take up much more space even when arranged parallel to the furniture.

It was time to look at stairs. There’s wood stairs, plastic stairs, foam stairs, and even videos on how to make your own stairs. Prices range from you know it’s too cheap to be of any quality to who in the world has that kind of money to spend on dog stairs? I ended up ordering the stairs you see in the picture from Amazon, Zinus Step Comfort Pet stairs (no monies received here – providing information just for information’s sake). They’re one of many brands of soft fabric covered foam steps.

I ordered the small three step size and set it by the couch. I added a non-skid pad underneath because they slid on the tile floor. It took the dogs a few tries, but they quickly learned to walk – not try to run and slide off – up the stairs. They did so good with them I ordered a second set for the dog couch in my office.

Months later I decided to get one more set for the foot of the bed. Unfortunately they were out of the small three-tier version, but they had an extra small, two tier version. Both the two and three tier variety are about the same height and both worked great for our pets. Not only do they use them as stairs, they often sit on them like Libby is in the picture.

Now everyone can get up and down the furniture with ease. A house isn’t a home without dog hair all over the furniture. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful animal filled day!

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