Daisy, Rosie, and Thor Visit the Veterinarian

The look on Daisy’s face says it all. Lucky for her and Rosie, all they needed was a nail trim. Daisy doesn’t like having her feet touched and Rosie’s toenails are black, so we take them to the vet to get them trimmed by the experts.

Thor was there to see the vet because he was acting a bit sluggish. We were worried he wasn’t eating enough, but after his evaluation by the vet, we learned that we were feeding him too much. We needed to start feeding him twice a week instead of offering food every day.

Thor also needed a better calcium supplement. For leopard geckos, the veterinarian recommended a phosphorus-free calcium supplement with D3. Thor has a heat lamp, but not a UV lamp, they are not good for leopard geckos, so he needs a supplement with a vitamin D component.

While Mr. Zoo drove us home, I ordered a new supplement for Thor, and the dogs fell asleep. Who knew a pedicure could be so exhausting? Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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