Today our friends @animals_ar_us @debbiedachshhund@shunshine22 and @amelie_and_the_piggies have joined Boss Hogg and Winter at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, AZ. This hotel was Built in 1902, by the copper Queen Mining Company. The hotel attracted dignitaries, mining executives, and cowboys. Our group of brave animals are ready to hunt for the three resident ghosts.

The group has gathered in the historic Copper Queen Saloon to organize their ghost hunt. After finishing a round of sarsaparillas, the group heads out to explore the hotel. As they walk through the halls they hear soft sobbing noises. Out of nowhere appears the hotel’s most famous ghost, Julia Lowell. Legend has it Julia, a lady of the evening, fell in love with one of her customers and when he rejected her, she killed herself at the hotel.

@animals_ar_us@debbiedachshhund @shunshine22 and @amelie_and_the_piggies Boss Hogg and Winter follow her floating form down the hall. They watch wide eyed as two more spirits appear; an older gentleman wearing a top hat and a young boy. Julia stops sobbing and the three ghosts turn and stare at our brave group of ghost hunters. Unsure of what to do, everyone stares at each other in silence. The little boy smiles and waves, our animals feel a cool breeze, and all three ghosts disappear.

Everyone then heads down to the patio to enjoy some hot cocoa. On the way they notice the aroma of cigar smoke, but no one is around, they hear footsteps running through the halls, but no one is there. Our group decides this hotel is definitely haunted and maybe they’ll take their hot cocoa to go. It may be time to fire up the ghost mobile and get moving.