Chipotle’s new enclosure, part one

This weekend we broke ground on Chipotle’s new enclosure. We wanted to do this for quite some time but had to wait on the weather. First we had the scorching heat of the Arizona summer, than the monsoon rains. The rain softened the ground and caused some of the existing concrete enclosures to buckle. We had to make repairs before getting started on the new enclosure.

Chipotle lived inside a tank in our house until we got her outside this spring. We purchased an oversized Chicken Coop at a garage sale and modified it for her needs. She immediate took to being outside but the coop isn’t suitable for winter weather.  She’ll need a place to dig so she can hibernate and live like a normal box turtle.

We picked a spot for her next to our other outdoor turtles and tortoises. We’re hoping to finish the enclosure this weekend and have part 2 of the build next week on our blog.

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Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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