Checking in with the Pigs and Chickens

With temperatures in the 100’s during the summer, it’s important to keep all our animals cool and comfortable. When temperatures rise we start our hot weather preparation. Critter pools, shade cloths, and evaporative coolers are set up throughout the yard.

The picture above was taken at sunset. During cooler weather the pigs and the chickens retire to their house and coop. For the past few evenings they’ve decided to spend their time in the great outdoors.

Our potbellied pigs Gary and Bella dug themselves a nice dirt pit. They snuggle up and fall asleep under the stars. During the night they retire to their pig house then its up before the sun to squeal for their breakfast. After their morning meal they settle in for a few more hours of sleep.

The chickens like to hang out in their red water tray, aka the foot bath, which is next to the evaporative cooler. In the picture you can see the shadecloth draped over the top of their coop area to help keep it cool. If you look down the run you’ll see one of the chickens enjoying a dust bath. They’ve dug their dirt hole right next to Yertle’s water tray on the other side of the fence. Our smart feathered friends have found the coolest spot in the run to fluff up in the dirt.

Several times a day we’re outside refilling pools, water trays, and coolers. We also spray down the pigs and several enclosures as well as placing ice packs in houses and hides during periods of extreme heat. It’s almost a full time job keeping everyone cool and comfortable in the summer. If you have any questions about our animals email us at, or find us on Instagram @azfamilyzoo, and Mrs. Zoo @mrs_azfamilyzoo. Thank you for reading and have a happy animal filled day. 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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