Our friends @crazy4reptiles@cleaningirl79 @tiki_the_chiuahua and @minniegyorkie have joined Boss Hogg and Winter at the Bisbee Grand Hotel in Bisbee, AZ to go ghost hunting! Built in 1906 and renovated in the late 80’s, this hotel boasts elegant Victorian décor including antiques and family heirlooms. Our band of brave animals is on the hunt for the resident “quiet ghosts” that inhabit this hotel; a male spirit downstairs and a female spirit upstairs. These ghosts are said to be friendly, making the occasional appearance, but not disturbing anyone.

The group has decided to stick together and start the hunt downstairs. At night the hotel is dark and quiet; they spot something moving in the downstairs lobby. A ghostly vision of a man appears and he approaches the group. He looks at all the animals and smiles, it’s been a long time since he’s seen so many wonderful creatures. He gives everyone a gentle pat on the head and disappears into thin air. Everyone is super excited to have met such a nice ghost.

Next they climb the stairs to the upper level. Boss, Winter, and friends start wandering the halls looking for the female ghost. Just when they are about to call it a night, she appears at the top of the stairs. “There you are,” she says, “my friend downstairs told me about the wonderful animals. May I also pat you on the head?” She slowly glides in their directions, floating above the ground leaving a gentle mist behind her. She pats everyone on the head, then glides away and disappears.

What an exciting evening! Boss, Winter, @crazy4reptiles@cleaningirl79 @tiki_the_chiuahua and @minniegyorkie decide to end the night sipping hot apple cider and recounting their adventures. It’s a great start to a week full of Boss and Winter’s Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Celebration! Stay tuned for the fun!