Area wildlife

One of the great things about where we live is the wildlife. Every day we get a chance to see all different kinds of creatures. The cottontail rabbit in the first picture is enjoying lying on the soft, cool ground under a shady aloe vera. We had watered the plants earlier that day and rabbits are quick to take advantage of a cool spot to rest on hot summer days. They dig down a bit, stretch out, and relax.

The lizard on the deck is about five inches long. We’ve been seeing this little guy hanging out on the deck and in Crash’s enclosure. We’re always careful where we step to make sure he’s not under foot.

The birds are patiently waiting for their turn at the bird feeder. We have a couple of feeders, a bird bath, and a birdseed block. We’ve been feeding the birds for a few years. Some of them are comfortable around us and stay on the feeders when we walk outside. Others prefer to watch and wait, then swoop in for a snack when the coast is clear.

The squirrel, a bit blurry, was relaxing on a half wall outside a window. Squirrels usually don’t sit still for long. It was a treat to see one take a moment to relax.

We love having so much wildlife in and around our yard. The open desert can be a rough place. We hope we can provide some refuge to our wildlife friends. Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo.

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