A year of Veterinarian Expenses

With over 40 animals people often ask what it costs to take care of all of them. At my recent vet visits I had them run off our invoices for 2019. These dollar amounts are vet visits and medications purchased at the vet’s office and do not include additional medication filled at outside pharmacies. We have one dog with heart failure (3 medications), another with Valley Fever and allergies (2 medications), and one with skin allergies (two topical medications). Those costs are not included in the totals below.

Grab a calculator and let’s get to the numbers.

Our regular vet visits for dogs, hedgehogs, bird, all the reptiles, exotics, etc. $3,200.22

Mobile vet services for the pigs. Gary had skin issues and they both needed to be de-wormed. $300

Emergency and Specialty vet services. This was more than normal due to Daisy’s bout of pneumonia and new diagnosis heart failure. This required four days in the animal hospital plus follow up care with the cardiologist. $4995.28

All together our veterinary expenses for the year 2019 came to $8,495.50.

You can see from the breakdown a bit more than half of the total were emergency vet services. It’s always good to have a plan in place for the unexpected. Both of our vets offer patient financing – either in house or through a special vet credit card you can obtain at their offices.

Even with all the expenses we wouldn’t change a thing. We trade off things like travel, eating out, movies, and other personal items in favor of having money available for the animals.

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