42 and counting, how many animals?

This week’s blog question comes from our Instagram friend @leothehuskymalamute, who asks, how many animals do you have?

Currently, we have 42, plus our fish pond and guest dog Gibby. Here’s a quick tally of numbers and types of animals.

4 – Dogs
1- Hedgehog
2- Potbelly pigs
2 – Bearded dragons
2- Guinea pigs
1- Hamster
2 – Gerbils
1 – Canary
6 – Sulcata tortoises
1 – Leopard tortoise
2 – Russian tortoises
2 – Box turtles
4 – Desert tortoises
8 – Red-eared sliders
1 – Leopard Gecko
3 – Fire bellied toads (reside at Mr. Zoo’s office)
Fish pond, lots of goldfish and koi

Why so many animals? Because they need homes. Shelters and rescues are often overflowing with animals. Well-meaning pet owners find themselves in tough situations and need to find a new home for their pet. Here’s where our critters came from.

Dogs – rescued from a puppy mill, the shelter, re-homed to us, and a stray needing a forever home
Hedgehog – rescued from a dumpster in California, adopted from Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue
Gerbils – also from Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue
Potbelly Pigs – adopted from Better Piggies Rescue
Bearded Dragons and Leopard tortoise – adopted from Phoenix Herpetological Society
Guinea Pigs and Hamster – adopted from Arizona Humane Society
Canary – adopted from Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue
Sulcatas – from two different families needing to re-home due to financial and moving situations
Russian tortoises – one re-homed to us and one Mr. Zoo found in horrible conditions at a feed store
Box turtles – one from Phoenix Herpetological Society, another from Craigslist in need of a home.
Desert tortoises – from Arizona Game and Fish and owners moving or no longer able to care for their tortoise
Red-eared sliders – all re-homed to us from different families
Leopard Gecko – from Craigslist, living in horrible conditions
Fire-bellied toads – dumped off at a local pet store in need of a home
Fish pond, lots of goldfish and koi – a good number of the fish were given to us by pet stores because they were sick or had wonky fins or tails.

We try to provide a forever home to as many animals as we can. We’ll feature more questions from our Instagram pals in blogs to come. If you have a question for us please comment below, DM us on Instagram @azfamilzoo, or email us at azfamilyzoo@gmail.com. Thanks for reading and have a happy animal filled day! 🙂 Mrs. Zoo

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